Feather Bangle in Sterling Silver

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The ancient Egyptians believed that when a person died, their hearts would be weighed on a scale against that of a feather in the underworld. How it fared against the feather determined how virtuous you had been and if your soul was worthy of the afterlife.

Our feather bangles weigh considerably more than the average feather! Probably not a bad idea to have one of our feathers on hand, just in case you have had a little too much fun and find yourself in need, of a slightly heavier feather!

It has a hook clasp which means it is put on over the wrist and not over the hand which means you would wear a smaller bangle compared to one you would put over your hand. Please be aware of that when choosing your bangle size. The standard sizes we make are 60, 65, 70 and 75 cm diameter.  We can custom make bigger or smaller sizes.

We lovingly wrap each item in hessian and package it in our square ilala palm baskets. Due to the handmade nature of the baskets and the organic material used - colour and pattern may vary. Our baskets are bought from local Zimbabwean groups who promote fair trade and self-sufficiency.  For additional information on our basket suppliers please visit our Community Partnerships page:   https://thezuricollectionzim.com/collections/community-partnerships