Ndoro Secret Note Necklace

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I love the idea of handwritten little notes - in a world of texts - it just seems so much more personal. This Ndoro note pendant is a great way to send words of wisdom to someone special, words that they can always keep close to their heart. 

This little pendant has a tiny space for a little piece of paper on which you can write.  There is little "stopper" that seals the note inside the pendant. The Ndoro "stopper" has a safety chain so that you don't lose it. 

The pendant comes on a 60 cm long silver chain. 

We used the Ndoro symbol from the Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe as it is one of my favourite Zimbabwean symbols and one that I think we all connect to as Zimbos. At the height of the kingdom, the Ndoro was used as a form of currency. It was also considered the status symbol of the day and was worn on the forehead of wives of those who were influential in society to show off their wealth.