Amethyst Secret Ring

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The amethyst secret ring is made with an amethyst mined here in Zimbabwe and set in sterling silver. 

The secret to life is to accept change. Amethyst is a gemstone that is used to promote calm, balance and peace and hopefully acceptance of this change.  This particular Amethysts cabochon gemstone is a mixture of Quartz and Amethyst. The inclusions in the gemstones provide a fascinating view of quartz that was in the middle of transforming to Amethyst when it was frozen in time.

Under this ring is a cut out of a Mopane Leaf - Mopane Leaves have always reminded me of butterflies and the changes that come with life.  We hope that this amethyst will help you to remain calm, balanced and at peace as life changes.

Please note that the gemstone pictured below is one of a dozen Amethyst and Quartz combo cabochons we have.  As with all natural gemstones, the colour and pattern of the gemstone will vary with each order.  All rings are made to size.

We lovingly wrap each ring in hessian and package it in our round sisal baskets. Due to the handmade nature of the baskets and the organic material used - colour and pattern may vary. Our baskets are made by woman from Lupane and Matopas who belong to groups that promote fair trade and self sufficiency.  

Prices are in USD, for prices in other currencies please contact use via the website or WhatsApp 0773-363-102.