Sterling Silver Semicolon Cuff Bangle

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Our semicolon silver cuff bangle is a reminder to take a breath and remember that you are loved and also to show support for those who need your love! 

The semicolon has become a symbol of the movement to support those suffering from depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. 


Having lost one of my brothers to suicide I find this a very hard topic to discuss. In Zimbabwe, in particular, depression is treated as if it is a personal defect and not the medical condition that it truly is.


It's been over five years since we lost David, but some days it seems like yesterday and on other days it all seems so foggy and far away. I am still not comfortable talking about it like I should! If more of us talked about mental illness in Zimbabwe and educated others, perhaps people like my brother wouldn't have felt like it was their fault and he would still be here. 

Every time I make this bangle I think about my brother and I hope that it gives strength to someone else and perhaps prevent another family from going through what we have experienced. Sending out waves of love to all of you who need it! xx