The spirit of Africa is hammered into every piece we make!

Zuri is the Swahili word for beautiful - we strive each day to tell the story of the beautiful people and beautiful continent of Africa that we are so lucky to call home

Ndoro Collection

Our artistic and unique Ndoro designs in Sterling Silver are a stylized... 

Supporting our community is at the core of our company.

I am Zimbabwean but spent almost a decade working in the USA in the non-profit/NGO world and knew when I started The Zuri Collection that we had to have a portion of our sales support our community in some way. We are a very small company and knew that at least at the beginning our charitable giving budget wouldn't support a small family of mice but if we made the support part of our everyday spending it could happen! Having always believed in teaching people to fish, we have used our packing as a way to do that. We have ladies in both the rural and urban areas in Zimbabwe involved in basket weaving and bag making. Our recycled boxes are made by a local gent but we can't leave the men out! :)

  • Eco Friendly Packaging

    We use sisal, a renewable resource to make our basket packaging. We have started a sisal growing program to complete the sustainable cycle.

  • Supporting Women in Zimbabwe

    We work with two women's basket weaving groups in Zimbabwe. The Soft Foot Alliance in Dete and Mzilizaki Arts Center in Bulawayo.

  • Reusable, Recycable Packaging

    During the rainy season our supply of baskets does dwindle as the ladies turn their attention to their crops. So we have an alternative mail safe box that we ask that you reuse, recycle or compost.

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