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Matobo Rock Textured Silver and Granite Dangly Earrings

Matobo Rock Textured Silver and Granite Dangly Earrings

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These silver and granite drop earrings are inspired by the Matobo Hills that are on our doorstep here in Matabeleland South. The Matobo Hills are made from granite that has been weathered for millennia and the rock you walk over has these little pits from the rain and wind. We tried to recreate that on the silver drop of these earrings.

We have paired it with hand-shaped granite "gemstones" from which these rocks are made. The granite is black with little shiny specs.

The Matobo Hills are an amazing place and for millennia local people have worshipped in the hills to this day it is still considered a sacred place by a number of different groups. There is an amazing feeling when you walk through the valleys and climb those rocks. It feels like the ancestors are right there with you. It's a place that grounds you and gives you a peace that I find nowhere else in Zimbabwe.

We hope that these earrings will bring a little of the peace that we find in those hills!


Sterling Silver

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We provide a small polishing cloth with which you can keep your piece clean.

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