Our jewellery comes packaged in a little bit of Africa . . .

Every time I open up a new delivery of basket weave boxes, I get greeted with the unmistakable scent of the African bush. 

The scent of newly woven baskets is so much more than the sisal and ilala palm they are made from. Somehow those baskets absorb the smell of the bush - the grass, the sun, the earth and the warmth of Africa. 

The unmistakable fragrance brings back memories of being a little girl, out on the farm in Kezi with my Oupa and the cattle herders. Dusty, sun burnt and happy. My wish for you is that our baskets make you just as happy!

Your purchase will be carefully wrapped in hessian and packed into either a round or square basket weave box.  We buy these boxes from grass roots organizations in our area: 

For more information on these organizations: