Our story . . .

We tell your story, not with paper and pen, but with precious metals and stones.

Every piece of jewellery we design tells a story.  Our Family Birthstone Collection is my favourite for great stories. Some are delightful and lighthearted like the exhausted grandmother who loves to bake for 10 grandchildren and 8 great-grand children!  18 birthstones on one piece of jewellery was a serious challenge for us! She definitely deserved a gorgeous piece of jewellery for keeping up with all the baking!  Then others just catch you in the throat. I met with a lady to design a family birthstone ring - four kids in tow - but she had asked me to prepare five birthstones.  I asked if the 5th one was her birthstone.  She got a little tearful and told me it was for the baby she lost. There are so many family stories to tell!

Our GPS "Take me home" Collection is one that started with me telling my story.  I was once a home-sick Zimbabwean living overseas who would have loved a piece of jewellery like this to remind me of home.  My favourite story so far has to be the mom with two daughters who now live overseas.  When the girls were at home they used to have tea at the bottom of the garden with their mom. At tea time they discussed their problems with mom and came up with solutions and got her advice.  So now both girls live overseas and often tell their mom how they wish they could be at the bottom of the garden so they could get her advice.  So mom made up a GPS spinner ring for each daughter with the GPS coordinates of that spot in their garden so that when life's challenges were too much they could look at their rings and remember mom is always thinking of them.  

Every collection has it's own story!  

I love to hear your stories!  Open up your jewellery box and pick a piece and tell me if it doesn't bring back a memory of a place and time, or a person.  Was it a piece of jewellery from your favourite grandmother, or your first love or even a piece of string with a mangled plastic bead that your toddler chewed and insisted you wear it because it made you look pretty?  Jewellery is worth so much more than the material it's made of.  It is the memories that make them priceless!  When it is your time to pass on your jewellery to the grandkids, do me a favour, pass on the story too!  

You can pick a ring, bangle, necklace or earrings from our collections that speaks to you and tells your story or tell us your story and we will design a piece for you!