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Our ilala palm and sisal packaging is an element of our branding, that at first started as an effort to reduce the footprint of our company. 

We realized that the first thing we could do to reduce our impact on the environment was to eliminate packaging made from non-recyclable or non-renewable resources.

Basketweave packaging seemed like a good fit for us. It was made from renewable resources and could be composted too. We started working with the Lupane Woman's Development Trust in 2016.  Their focus is to find ways to empower women to earn a living and know their rights.  In 2017 we also started to work with the Amagugu Cultural Center whose main focus is to keep the Ndebele culture alive.  Part of that mandate includes keeping traditional skills such as basket weaving relevant and provide the ladies with a way to earn a living. In 2019 we also started to work with The Soft Footalliance whose mission it is to help people and wildlife live in harmony. They do this by providing education and the skills necessary to prevent human and wildlife conflict and help them come up with community enterprises that will allow them to sustainable earn a living in the rural areas. 

So our little baskets started as a way to reduce our footprint and have now become a way for us to make a difference in our community. $3 USD or the equivalent in local currency from every purchase you make from The Zuri Collection goes directly to these groups. Thank you so much for helping us support these ladies' groups! 

If you belong to a community organization and feel you have a product like baskets, glass beads, paper beads or any other craft that we could use in either our jewellery designs or in our packaging please contact Anne Bonett on +263-773-363-102.

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