Collection: Ndoro Collection

Our Ndoro design in Sterling Silver is a highly stylized version of the original Ndoros that were used for trade in ancient Africa, dating back to the 11th century.

The original Ndoros were, in fact, shells that were introduced as a form of currency when the Portuguese began trading with the Great Zimbabwean Empire between the eleventh and fifteenth centuries, in what is now the modern state of Zimbabwe.

As the popularity of this form of currency increased the Portuguese traders started to make them from ceramic, which made them a lot more uniform than the original shells. 

The Ndoro design we have created is hand-engraved, one little dot at a time. Due to this fact, every single one of our Ndoro pendants are unique, just like the original Ndoros that inspired this design all those years ago.

Not only was the Ndoro a form of currency, but it also became the "bling" of the day. The number of Ndoros worn was a direct indication of your status in society and your wealth.