Great Zimbabwe Silver Stacking Rings

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Whenever I go to Great Zimbabwe I have to stand and stare at those mammoth walls in silence. I swear if you stand still and listen they do talk to you. That sounds nuts, I know, but seriously there is a vibration you can feel. 

These hand-carved stacking rings are my ode to those beautiful walls and a fascinating time in our history.

The top and bottom rings have been carved with the patterns from the walls - the top one is the herringbone which is believed to represent the king and strength and the bottom one is the chevron pattern which represents the queen and fertility. 

The middle ring is carved with our stylized version of the Ndoro. The original Ndoro was used as a form of "money" at Great Zimbabwe and worn on the forehead by the ladies indicating their wealth and status. 

Each hand-carved ring is 4 mm wide and in total makes a 12 mm wide ring. 

We lovingly wrap each ring in hessian and package it in our round sisal baskets. Due to the handmade nature of the baskets and the organic material used - colour and pattern may vary.