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Elephant Hair Knot Necklace

Elephant Hair Knot Necklace

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We've taken the knot off the traditional African elephant knot bangle to make this simple pendant as a reminder of our connection to the environment.

The elephant hair knot on the traditional elephant hair bangles is considered to be the connection between us, nature, and the spiritual world.

The knot is created using 0.7 mm hand-drawn sterling silver wire, which is wound into a 7-strand knot.  It is approximately 11 mm by 11 mm square and is placed on a 60 cm sterling silver chain to create this sweet little necklace.

As an African, I find that we have a spiritual connection to our environment. It's what made me miss home so much when I lived overseas. This little knot reminds me that when I need spiritual rejuvenation, a little time in the bush is all I need!

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Sterling Silver

Care Information

We provide a small polishing cloth with which you can keep your piece clean.

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