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The Zuri Collection

Silver Feather Necklace

Silver Feather Necklace

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Every single one of our feather necklaces is individually hand-cut out of a sheet of silver and painstakingly engraved, one line at a time. The wire for the spine of the feather is also pulled by hand.

The feather itself is 45 mm long and placed on a 40 cm chain, but you can choose the length of the chain if you prefer a longer one.

In our modern world, the feather is considered an angelic symbol, a symbol of new beginnings, and a sign of hope.

But the feather has had significance to us as humans since the beginning of our human consciousness, and that is why it is included in our Sacred Silver Collection.

The Ancient Egyptians saw it as a symbol of righteousness. In order to be considered worthy of the afterlife, it was said that a feather was put on a scale against your soul, and if your soul was lighter than the feather, then you would be accepted into the afterlife.

In many African communities, the feather was considered a status symbol, and only those of a certain status were allowed to wear feathers.


Sterling Silver

Care Information

We provide a small polishing cloth with which you can keep your piece clean.

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Our Basket Weave Boxes are one of the packaging options we offer

These baskets are handmade from sisal and can be reused, recycled or composted when needed.