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Sterling Silver Ndoro Double Band Silver Ring

Sterling Silver Ndoro Double Band Silver Ring

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The inspiration for this chunky double-band ring comes from the Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe. Our stylized, engraved Ndoro takes its basic shape from the Ndoros that were used as a form of currency during the height of this ancient African empire.

During the height of Great Zimbabwe, a.k.a. the Monamtopa Kingdom, sometime between the 14th and the 17th centuries, it was worn on the forehead or on the chest by the people of this kingdom.  The number of Ndoros a person had indicated their wealth, status, and authority in the community.

Originally, it was made from a seashell, but when the Portuguese traders in the 16th century realized its value, they started to make them from porcelain and ceramic and used them to trade in our area.  So most Ndoros that you will find from that time in Zimbabwe are in fact man-made.

Symbols of a similar pattern are found in many cultures around the world.


Sterling Silver

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