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Studded Silver Ebony Earrings

Studded Silver Ebony Earrings

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Our African Ebony and Silver Stud earrings are part of our African Night Skies collection. One of my favorite things about being back in Zimbabwe is our sky at night. Particularly when you are in the bush away from the cities, when you look up into the sky, there just seem to be millions more stars than when you look up at the sky in the US or in Europe.

The reason you see so few stars in more developed nations is that there is a lot of light pollution. In Africa, there is some light pollution near the big cities, but when you get out into the bush, the night skies are jet black, and there just seem to be millions and millions of stars. When I was living in the US and missing my family and wishing I was back in Zimbabwe, I used to take comfort in the fact that I saw the same stars as they did every night—well, a lot fewer, but still, we were still under the same night sky's even if we were thousands of km apart.

These earrings are made with African ebony and sterling silver and are handcrafted in our workshop in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.



Sterling Silver

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We provide a small polishing cloth with which you can keep your piece clean.

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These baskets are handmade from sisal and can be reused, recycled or composted when needed.