Elephant Hair Mini Bangle Necklace

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We've taken an ancient African elephant bangle design and miniaturized it to make this unique necklace. It is made from hand-drawn sterling silver wire. The mini bangle is approximately 21 mm round and hung 60 cm long sterling silver chain.

Elephant hair bracelets design hasn't changed much and is over 1500 years old.

Originally, how the bracelet was worn told a story: on the right arm told that the wearer had hunted the elephant whose tail hairs formed the bracelet; on the left declared the bracelet a meaningful gift to the wearer.

The specific design of the bracelets is very significant. Traditionally, elephant hair bracelets have either two or four knots tying the strands together.

We've chosen to use the two-knot version for this pendant.

The first knot represents nature or the earth; the second, the spiritual world of our ancestors. The bracelet reminds us of the connection between these two realms.