Trio of Ancient Zimbabwe Pattern Silver Rings

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There is an ancient history of design here in Zimbabwe that has always drawn me in. I have found myself doodling these patterns recently and I just had to put them on silver!

The bottom ring has a Chevron pattern and the top ring has a Herringbone pattern taken from Great Zimbabwe. The middle is a Ndoro symbol. The Ndoro is a symbol that is found in many African cultures and in the Shona culture is a symbol of status.

Each ring is 4 mm wide and in total makes a 12 mm wide ring. 

We lovingly wrap each ring in hessian and package it in our round sisal baskets. Due to the handmade nature of the baskets and the organic material used - colour and pattern may vary. Our baskets are made by women from Lupane and Matopas who belong to groups that promote fair trade and self-sufficiency.